Training at Home with Jitte Kata.

For the students who are training at home, we have posted  Jitte, which is the Eleventh kata you will need in your training for Black Belt.  You can pause the video if needed.  Many of you will have smart TVs that are compatible with your computers and with YouTube.  If so, you can down load the katas to your TV and practice your katas from the TV which may give you a larger screen to practice from.

The Kata’s name Jitte which means “the strength of 10 men” gives it away.  Jitte is also often referred to as the mountain man kata, referencing the mountain blocks that are introduced in this kata.  Jitte is a powerful Kata and one must show good use of power.  Even within the Shotokan style, this kata has many variations. The JKA version consists of 24 moves. Jitte is a very robust and “heavy” kata, having many powerful techniques. Even the slow movements are executed with great vigor and tension. This rather short kata of only 24 movements contains a number of defenses that can be implemented against (or while using) a bo.

As in Heian Sandan, Jitte challenges the practitioner with concentration and locking of the hips during the three blocks (Jodan Yoko Uchi Barai). It contains many unique moves, most strikingly the series of fukikomi stamping kicks landing with yama-uke mountain blocks, and the morote jo-uke double staff blocks followed by twisting movements onto one leg to disarm an opponent.  Enjoy learning this new and different kata!!


Happy Training. 


See You Soon!

Sensei Anderson

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