Training with Tekkie Sandan at Home.

For the students who are training at home, we have posted  Tekkie Sandan, which is the Eighth kata you will need in your training for 1st Brown Belt. The video goes through the kata at slow motion so that you can work on each set of hand and arm movements as needed. You can also pause the video if needed.  Many of you will have smart TVs that are compatible with your computers and with YouTube.  If so, you can down load the katas to your TV and practice your katas from the TV which may give you a larger screen to practice from.

Tekki Sandan, the most advanced in the Tekki Series, is the most complex to master. However, once the fundamental elements have been perfected in the previous kata such as maintaining correct posture, and the development of a strong and rooted dachi, attention can be paid to the complicated hand and arm movements.

This is the most popular of the Tekki Series, because of its sharp and effective hand movements. Great power can be generated. These kata are also very important in developing alternative methods of using the hips.

With many kata, such as Heian Shodan, and Heian Nidan, power is generated through both big technique and through big hip movements. As a beginner, this is an excellent way to develop power. As the karateka advances however, he aims to make this big power with as minimal movement as possible. This is where the Tekki kata help develop the karateka. Because of the dominance of kiba-dachi, and because of the lateral embusen, there is little opportunity to generate huge levels of power via the hips through big hip action. Therefore, the karateka is challenged to generate power through alternative means.

Many Instructors place huge emphasis on hip vibration in these kata, and this is one concept that is both vital and effective to the Shotokan karateka, and through the study of these kata, the karateka will improve greatly.


Happy Training. 


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Sensei Anderson

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